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Dot Thorne

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, but didn’t start thinking seriously until I was about 30.  Realistic and traditional at first, very good training.  Then I started abstracting a bit, and using more vivid colours, and lots of imagination, patterns, slivers of colour, splashes, spots, meandering lines.  I started with oil paint, have tried every medium, and eventually settled on acrylic paint, mainly because it dries very quickly and I change my mind a lot as the painting progresses, sometimes it takes itself off on an entirely unexpected path.  For years I did not paint landscapes, but since moving to Gippsland I find that this beautiful area has seeped into my brain, and hills and trees sometimes emerge.  
I enjoy working in 3D.  Sculptures in wire, wood, and found objects.  Nests, cocoons, and seed pods predominate.  Of recent years mosaic has become my main interest.  As with the paintings, colour is the most important thing.  No drawing of a design, just time spent sorting the right colour/pattern combinations from my stock of recycled china sourced from Op Shops.
Brett Whitely is a favourite for imagination and drawing skills, Fred Williams for his Pilbara series (the colour knocks your socks off), but my favourite artist is John Olsen – his paintings are so free and loose and joyful.
I have had no formal art training but spent 30 years being tutored and mentored by Carol Boothman who is an extraordinary woman, giving invaluable advice on painting, drawing, (and life and dog training) whilst encouraging individual style to develop.   I have won many prizes over the years for 3D and 2D work, had one solo exhibition, and taken part in very many group exhibitions.    I am very happy to be a member of BBAA with all you lovely kindred spirits.  I love being involved in things, which is why I spent many years as a busy member of the Waverley Arts Society (I used to organise the life drawing class), and was a committee member at the Highway Gallery, curating exhibitions and hanging.
Art is the best hobby in the world and we can all keep on doing it forever.


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