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Kathlene Kendall

Kathleen works with a variety of mediums from traditional paints to mixed media. Originally, she was looking for her final subject matter and style, through experimentation with various mediums such as oil, acrylic, spray paint and glass using the warm glass slumping technique.

Currently she is exploring recycled materials. This started because she had a subscription to a very expensive American home decorating magazine and could not bare to throw out the 10 year collection she had amassed.

In 2008 she went to university to study Interior Architecture and Design but unfortunately she did not complete the degree as the global financial crisis started but she did keep the magazine subscription.

As she looked at the magazines she realised although the design styles were now dated, it had chunks of colour and patterns that would look good in collage and would justify keeping the collection for art purposes.

In this exhibition the artwork is all collage using those recycled magazines. She has been keeping the offcuts with plans to learn how to make her own paper for other art projects.

Primarily self-taught, in 2022 she decided to return to full time study and completed a Certificate IV in Visual arts in December 2023. This course has given her many more mediums and ideas to explore, her favourite subjects being Intaglio and Lino printing.

Her inspiration comes from objects she collects or a colour that sparks an idea. Sometimes just looking at something in nature, such as lichen, helps her formulate an idea for her next wearable art outfit.

She has been collecting old paintings from opportunity shops that she intends to ‘upgrade’ in her next project of works.

Kathleen is emerging with new ideas and her imagination is sparked off by a variety of interests so she never knows where her art may lead her, but it is an interesting path to follow.



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