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Liz Bowley


Although I studied art right through school and was encouraged by artistic parents, my passion for art lay dormant until the children left home. A voucher for lessons with well-known artist John Mutsaers reignited the flame and guided me on my brush strokes’ journey.

I paint in a realist style with a passion for Australian landscapes and a fondness for those ‘untidy, scraggly, characterful’ eucalypts. John encouraged students to ‘follow your bliss’ and now in painting groups it is fascinating watching the many styles that emerge as others interpret their topics.

Travelling Australia, I have used my camera to record sites of interest taking care with composition and the effect of light on the subject. Many of these are later developed into paintings in the studio. En plein air painting has limitations with changing light and weather and wind making conditions difficult.

Oil is my preferred medium for its blending quality and Liquin is used as a medium.

I roughly scumble in the outline of the work and completely cover the canvas with a thin layer of paint before painting in the darks. Then I paint in detail using the late Charles McCubbin’s mantra- ‘thick over thin!’ With improving confidence my style is loosening up but when I observe work by a well-known artist such as Craig Penny, I realise I have a lot further to go! Paintings have been sold through Open Studios, Exhibitions and local art shows where several awards have been won.

An artist’s life can be a lonely one but membership of the Baw Baw Arts Alliance and the painting group as well as the Traralgon and District Art Society provide the opportunity to mix with other artists and learn from each other as well as from teachers. 

I trust that my depictions of this wonderful land of ours will inspire viewers to see their environment with a new appreciation of its rugged beauty enhanced by the magical touch of lighting conditions.

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