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Lynne Coade

For many years art played an important part in Lynne Coade’s life.  Lynne has been fortunate to not only to enjoy creating art personally but she also used art as a vessel to help others as a therapist.  After completing formal education at Monash University where she graduated with a B.B. Science; a Grad Dip in Child. P.S; and a Grad Dip in Family Therapy at the Gilead Downs Family Therapy Centre Lynne was able to infuse art into her client work practices as well as art therapy and interpretation, and analysis of individual client artwork.


Lynne’s art has been influenced by the old masters of impressionism; they have inspired her to paint with oils and she uses this as her predominant medium.  Many of her current painting practices are driven by a sense of exploration of visual and lasting memories. When Lynne paints, she partners a piece of work with music; with the mood set, she’s able to develop a deeper perception of colour and likes to apply texture with brushstrokes to her artwork. She favours the genres of landscape, portrait, still life and more recently life portrait.


In more recent times, there are two artists who inspired her Art and each played a major role in the development of Lynne’s painting style. It was during her travels overseas that Lynne met and received professional art guidance from a well-known International Canadian artist and tutor, Dene Croft, based in Vancouver. A distinguished Melbourne based artist David Chen also inspired her and is currently her tutor.


In an exhibition titled Lasting Impressions, Lynne’s visual memory unfolded to interpret colour, light, and reflection seen within a cloud or a wave on the beach that caught her eye.  Lynne’s art becomes an emotional response to that memory and the way she felt. Lynne has used an acrylic under painting to some of these works to enrich the depth of colour.


Lasting Impressions was inspired by personal memories and visits to Cape Patterson, Victoria, the Great Ocean Road and New South Wales. Cape Patterson Rocks, won a Highly Commended at the Warragul Rotary Art Exhibition in 2019. In 2021 Lynne had a solo exhibition at the Red Tree Gallery.


Lynne Coade is a long standing member of the Sherbrooke Art Society spanning several decades and more recently the Baw Baw Arts Alliance.



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