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Lynne Hall

I am a mainly self taught artist.  

I have always loved art and as a little child pencil and paper were never far away.

At 30 years of age I began to paint and take lessons with Frankston Peninsular Art Society. At the time I painted in oils. Life centred around my family for many years and I managed to paint whenever I could find time and space. I also painted with a china painting teacher who taught me how to make paintings pop! Unfortunately however I had to stop as the chemicals were upsetting me.

I then turned to silk painting and loved it. I taught others to enjoy it too and I ran one-day workshops every now and then. I learned a great deal from painting on siIk. I have also worked with pastels and charcoal too and enjoy all of these mediums.

I have experienced many wonderful lessons with Joan Bognuda who is an amazing teacher and also attended John Mutsears’ group where I learned much.  I have been able to paint in one-day workshops over the years but really turned to acrylics when the oil paints began to upset my health. Acrylics dry faster and I like to paint quickly. I paint in an impressionistic style and love to make use of light.

I paint intuitively mainly as it is very easy for me to work that way and have also painted a few abstract paintings. Because I love contrast, light and shade I really feel inspired by Monet  and Renoir and their use of light. I find the work of Dennis Perrin, a modern artist, exciting and also Colly Whisson, an Australian artist, who has a special approach to light and colour.
My travels overseas have inspired me but beautiful gardens and the Australian bush never cease to bring a new painting into being. I hope that when a viewer looks at my paintings and feels the joy that I felt painting that subject I am rewarded. I love to paint in a way that brings a feeling of peacefulness to the viewer. I use photographs at times and sketch. I map in light and dark areas and then paint. If I am working intuitively I splash on colour and see what unfolds. I find I am driven by excitement and joy. Sometimes, when painting intuitively, past experiences emerge so I hope all my paintings evoke special memories for the viewer.

I have enjoyed taking part in many different exhibitions with other painters in the past and I look forward to doing so in the future.  I may also play with watercolours one day as I have not really explored this medium. Meanwhile I am very happy with acrylics.



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