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Ty Clare Thody

I usually work in acrylics because they are so convenient to correct and easy to clean up. I also work in oils when I can too.

My parents owned an art store in Yarragon for many years, so I have been able to experiment with many different mediums and love trying new things. There is a history associated with oil or acrylic on canvas though, that I love coming back to.

When asked to describe my style somebody responded for me by saying “Vibrantly life-like". I hope it is evolving and improving.

I’ve always loved drawing. People complimented my work which was encouraging but several gave me some frank counsel on looking more closely at my subject and improving my skills. I have always appreciated that and tried to apply it. It helped me realise that while we may have varying levels of ability at the outset, anyone can improve with practice. This has helped me develop because I have never had any formal training.

My mum, Alene Bonser, does beautiful work and is a prolific and successful artist. Everyone in my family paints, crochets, frames, spins or knits. We have united at times to paint props for calisthenics groups or attended art or pottery workshops together. Several years back we organized a family exhibition where almost every member of our family had work on display together.

At 15 my work was selected to be part of an exhibition at Dandenong Town Hall showcasing promising young artists Victoria-wide. That was very flattering and I also received an offer to buy my work there. I have also appreciated winning prizes at Pakenham Art Show and Tanjil Valley Art Show.

I love being outdoors and feel refreshed by nature. To me, painting is a way of replicating that pleasure even while we are indoors and I think I managed this in my piece, Kalvaka, Rotuma Island. Kalvaka is a small communtiy where people live simple, appealing lives.

When planning a piece of Art I try to establish a layout that appeals to my eye. Block in dark tones and some base colour to see if it works. If I like it, I then move around in sections adding details. I often do several layers to get things the way I like them.


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