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Wendy Twyerould


My artistic journey began in the early years of my education when we were asked to design a ‘fire prevention’ poster. I still have the book I won for first prize.  

However throughout my life I found an alternative way to express my artistic nature when I discovered cake decorating in my senior year of secondary school. I followed that path decorating cakes for all occasions, initially as a hobby, then as a business which fed my artistic needs for most of my life until about 10 years ago when I had more time on my hands. 

I picked up brushes, paints and palette and began to paint, starting with acrylics and eventually changing to oils. I love the richness and texture of oil paints. Although I really like the effects I have yet to try water colour.

Having towed our caravan extensively around this awesome country of ours I like to lock myself away in my studio and re-create landscapes, seascapes, Australian fauna and flora I have captured on my camera.  

I so enjoy painting in a photo-realistic style and it is also a great way to re-live our travels.

Throughout my painting journey, I have had numerous successful exhibitions, open studio weekends, art show entries and have occasionally won awards. Most importantly through my painting I have developed lovely friendships. Art is such a rewarding pastime, and I am always thrilled and encouraged whenever I sell a painting.

I recently held a “Shades of Green” exhibition.



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