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Leather Bracelet - Artist: Kay Lancashire KL033
Hand Painted 200mm circumference ....More
Abstract, gift Boxed - Artist: Ingrid Verdonck IV12
Abstract, gift Boxed Pendant only 70x40mm ....More
Macrame Fan earrings Black - Artist: Kat Maclagan KM47
Macrame Fan earrings Black ....More
Spiral Braclet Sterling Silver - Artist: John Franye JF12
Spiral Bracelet Sterling Silver 200mm Gift Boxed ....More
Knitted Brooch - Artist: Deborah Wearne DW60
Hand spun kitted brooch with machine embroidery ....More
Drop Earrings Sterlings - Artist: John Franye JF22
Drop Earrings sterling Silver 25mm drop ....More
Variety Pkt 5 Flowers Cards - Artist: Ingrid Thomas ITC3
From original arts works by Ingrid Thomas ....More
Scarf - Artist: Joan Best JB307
Eco dyed wool , embellished with beads 1750x120mm ....More
Japanese fabric with button - Artist: Carol Monson CM17
Hand Machine stitched 45mm diameter ....More
Scarf - Artist: Heather Brimblecombe HB6
Wet Felt Red Silk & Merino ....More
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