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Shipping is by Aust Post and is calculated at checkout, based on size, weight and nature of goods to a maximum of AU$9.00 per shipment. Ships to Australia only.
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Black and silver - Artist: Ingrid Verdonck IV45
Black and silver 15x15mm ....More
Blue flower enamel - Artist: Beady Wendy WH72
Blue flower enamel 35x30mm ....More
Dome 23ct Gold Leaf Sterling Silver- Artist: Caroline Hay CH80
Dome 23ct Gold Leaf Sterling Silver ....More
Dome Blue Green Stud Sterling Siver - Artist: Caroline Hay CH99
Dotty Stud Sterling Silver ....More
Dome small Stud Red Sil leaf - Artist: Caroline Hay CH100
Dome small Stud Red Silver leaf Sterling Silver ....More
Dotty Stud Sterling Silver - Artist: Caroline Hay CH84
Dotty Stud Sterling Silver ....More
Drop Sterling Silver - Artist: John Franye JF21
Drop Sterling Silver 32mm drop ....More
Drop Earrings Sterlings - Artist: John Franye JF22
Drop Earrings sterling Silver 25mm drop ....More
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