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Acrylic Kitted - Artist: Ingrid Thomas IT151
Acrylic Kitted Cowl 800x140mm ....More
Coral Reef Neck shawl - Artist: Karen-Jones KJ50 Out of Stock
Wool 270x350mm ....More
Sorry, this product is currently out of stock
Cowl - Artist: Sue Murphy SM19
Universal size ....More
Felt Scarf Fish net style scarfe - Artist: Heather Brimblecombe HB25
Fish net style. Light and airy 1810x90mm ....More
Fine knitted Shawl - Artist: Sue Murphy SM29
Soft Pink ....More
Ghost Gum scarf - Artist: Deborah Wearne DW59
100% hand spun and woven wool and felted leaves. 1260x120mm fringe 80mm ....More
Hand spun wool with cotton Blue and brown - Artist: Deborah Wearne DW1
Hand spun wool with cotton using a Rigid Heddle loom Blue and brown 2260x170mm ....More
Knitted Scarf - Artist: Sue Murphy SM53 Out of Stock
Fine 100% Wool 111mm ....More
Sorry, this product is currently out of stock
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